Lets Talk


Let’s Talk Implementer Training

E-learning training groups

Training to facilitate the 10-week Let’s Talk programme uses a blended learning approach. Self-directed coursework using 13 e-learning modules is complemented by instructor-led real-time sessions that allow trainees to ask questions, engage in discussion, and practice facilitating new content. The e-learning training modules provide background information about the Let’s Talk programme, group facilitation, mental health, adolescence, and sexual and reproductive health and explore key content areas from the Let’s Talk curricula.  

Each module is narrated by a friendly Let’s Talk avatar trainer who guides participants through various interactive exercises designed to reinforce learning and recall. Learners must pass a quiz at the end of each module that tests their knowledge of key concepts. Each module usually requires an hour to complete and requires 30MB of internet data. Access to this training is password protected and provided to approved implementing partners and trainers.

Phase 1

Module 1: Let’s Talk Overview 
Module 2: Group Facilitation 
Module 3: Working with Adolescents 
Module 4: Effective Communication 
Module 5: Coping with Difficult Emotions 
Module 6: Group Dynamics 

Phase 2

Module 7: Let’s Talk about Sex
Module 8: HIV and STI Prevention
Module 9: HIV and STI Testing
Module 10: Healthy Relationships and Consent
Module 11: Reproduction and Pregnancy Prevention
Module 12: Positive Parenting
Module 13: Programme Closure

Training of Master Trainers

HVC-RC periodically capacitates Let’s Talk Master Trainers to deliver the blended Let’s Talk training to facilitators within their organisationTwo separate 5-day trainings cover phase 1 and phase 2 of the programme. Each training includes time for Master Trainers to complete the e-learning modules, read the Let’s Talk curriculum, participate in discussions and practice sessions, and discover how the learner management system (LMS) can be used to track their facilitators’ progress. 

Free access to this training is provided to qualifying organisations through the generous support of PEPFAR and USAID Southern Africa. Contact us if your organisation would like to inquire about access to the e-learning training materials. Please provide some basic information on your implementation plans, targets, funding, and the expected number of trainees. 

Training Videos

2017 Let’s Talk (14 week)

Training resources designed for the original 14-week programme in 2017 may also be of interest. These include a trainer’s workbook featuring handouts, facilitator guidance, and training agendas and 12 training videos. The videos provide a programme overview, basic sexual and reproductive health information, and facilitation guidance on a number of topics. The training is designed for in-person delivery over 11 days: 6 days to cover phase 1 and another days to cover phase 2, midway through implementation. 

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