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It is against the background of the demands that participation in the digital economy places on small businesses and communities that we have developed our Building Sustainable Futures strategy. The purpose is to support socio-economic transformation, especially in vulnerable communities, through capacity building and the adoption and innovative use of ICTs in both social and business contexts.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein

Human Capital Development

'Investing in Change'

We are of the view that human capital is a collection of resources - education, skills, competencies, and knowledge possessed individually and collectively by individuals in a population. These resources are the total capacity of the people that represents a form of wealth which can be directed to accomplish the goals of communities or even whole nations

Business Development

Entrepreneurship Development | Business Creation | Business Support & Growth

Our Small Enterprise Development Programme works to strengthen entrepreneurial and management skills through capacity building, training, mentoring and coaching programmes, that foster the adoption of good, healthy and ethical business practices in micro-, small and medium enterprises. In the area of management training, we offer a suit of training tools that cover the whole spectrum of the target groups, from illiterate, informal sector micro entrepreneurs to growth oriented small and medium scale enterprises

Community Development

Breaking the cycle of poverty

Empowering individuals and groups of people with the skills they need to effect change within their communities through the formation of social groups & projects working towards a common goal. We promote participative sustainable development, economic opportunity creation and inclusivity through the organisation, education and empowerment of people. Programmes and initiatives are aimed at assisting resource-poor communities to make the transition to the becoming the urban centres of the future

Why Choose Us ?

We have extensive experience in entrepreneurial and small business development, strategic planning and business incubation having worked in these fields for more than 10 years in South and sub-Saharan Africa.
We have a vast network of subject specialists spanning the globe to assist and advise on almost any developmental opportunties or challenges we may encounter in the field. Through our network, we are connected and affiliated to some of the foremost international institutions in our areas of specialisation.
Our continual interaction with academia, public and private role players over the years have resulted in the formation of the organisation - thus keeping us at the forefront of new developments and trends and creating unique synergies through pioneering research, training, learning and social initiatives in subsistence marketplaces in the region.

Our Programmes

Living in an Online World is a comprehensive digital skills programme covering a wide range of topics to better equip learners for living in our digital age. It is a non-accredited course and learners will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance.
Basic Computer Skills: This certified e-literacy course is offered at selected training centres and venues and is trainer-facilitated. The duration of the programme varies from 80-120 hours depending on the skills-level of participants.
This course provides an introduction to the foundational concepts for operating a business - including funding-, strategic-, operational-, structural-, cultural-, leadership- and technology components within the context of ICT-driven business models. This course provides a broad overview of the role of entrepreneurial thinking and innovation in advancing ICT-enabled businesses and familiarises learners with the processes and tools used to conceptualise and plan new innovative products and/or services that leverage ICT as a core component of their business models. Learners will examine how these skills can be leveraged to create new ICT-driven businesses as well as to create competitive advantage for their businesses via new ICT products and services. This very hands-on active course will introduce learners to the applications, technologies, and tools for running a small-to-medium size business, relying on approaches such as learning by doing.

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Upcoming Workshop: Building Blocks of a Sustainable Business

Date: TBA
Venue: TBA

Is your business ready for the challenges of 2019?

All of us want our businesses to be successful - that's a simple fact - else why bother. While starting a business is fairly simple, starting one that will make money and grow year after year may however not be that easy - and if you get it wrong, the results can be very painful indeed.

There are so many aspects to building a successful business - numerous building blocks that have to fit together to make everything run smoothly. Although different businesses arrange these "building blocks" in different ways, the basic blocks remain the same for all - whether you have a multi-million rand business or own a small start-up company. To become sustainable and unlock growth in your business it's important to know what these building blocks are, how they fit together and contribute to your success.

Join us for this interactive workshop and set yourself up for success today!