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Reporting Guide

If you need any help using the  reporting functionality as a Let’s Talk master trainer,
please consult the reporting guide below.

Should you need any technical support, please email support@letstalk.org.za
or complete the online technical support form, which you can find here.

How do I access the master trainers reporting feature?

Click on TRAINING LOGIN at the top of the website.



Which brings you to this screen. Enter your email address into the ‘username’ box and the password you chose when you registered
(this is different from ‘registration password’ your organisation gave you).



Once you have been designated as a master trainer you should see the following topics in the navigation bar at the top of your screen.
If you do not see the REPORTING tab, please contact the technical support team.



Click on REPORTING, which will bring you to the reporting landing page where you can track your participants’ progress on the course.


What reports are available to master trainers?


A COURSE REPORT gives an overview of how much of the course your facilitators have completed.
The USER REPORT lets you view your facilitators’ progress on each module.
The MODULE PASS/FAIL REPORT shows who has passed and failed each module.
The QUIZ QUESTION REPORT lets you view how your group performed on individual quiz questions, so you know what topics to emphasise in your sessions.

What information can I see on the course report?

The course reporting section gives you an overall picture of how many of your facilitators have completed the course.

You can view course-specific details by clicking on LETS TALK PROGRAMME PHASE 1 (or 2) or SEE DETAILS.


The ‘course completions’ graph shows the date your participants completed the course and the ‘course status’ chart shows how many are still working on it or are yet to begin.


Phase 1 overview and graph


Under ENROLLED USERS, you will see a list of all your facilitators or you can select a specific group from the GROUP drop down menu. You will be able to see what percentage of the course they have completed or the date and time they finished it. This percentage is not their quiz score, it just shows how many of the module tasks they’ve completed.



User progression report screen


TIP: You can sort the columns by clicking on the up and down arrows indicated below.
If you don’t see all the users in your group, click NEXT at the bottom of the screen.
To view how a specific facilitator is progressing, click on their name and SEE DETAILS, which brings you to the USER REPORT.

What information can I see on the user report?

Clicking on a participant’s name or USER REPORT from the main reporting menu will show how much progress a specific facilitator is making on the course. From the example below, we can see the facilitator completed all the modules but still needs to complete the final evaluation.


Phase 1 individual user module completion report


After clicking on the TASKS on the menu on the left, you will see a list of all the module tasks and the status of each.
You can then scroll down and see which tasks still need to be completed.


Phase 1 individual user session report


Phase 1 individual user task report


If all the tasks for phase 1 don’t appear, click NEXT at the bottom of the screen.


What details can I see on the module pass / fail report?

The module pass / fail report lets you track which of your facilitators have passed and failed the modules. Select the GROUP; as a master trainer you might have access to more than one group.


Module pass/fail report landing screen


Once you have selected the GROUP, select which COURSE and MODULE you want to view. Under ACTION, you can select PASS or FAIL to see which facilitators have passed or failed that module. You can also set your date range should you wish. The example below shows the following selection: OTHER – JC Group 3 > Phase 1 > Module 1 > Participants who failed the quiz.


Module pass/fail report options


TIP: The system report will show all the failed attempts by a user, even if they ultimately passed the module. It can be valuable to look at the failed attempts to see which questions they had problems with. In the example below we can see the facilitator achieved 66%, but failed since they need 70% to pass. You can also see the time and date of the attempt.
Module pass/fail report output on the failed module.
Now let’s have a look at the example below where we searched for users enrolled in phase 1 that have passed module 4:
Module pass/fail report output showing the pass result
You can also download your report results as a CSV file that can be used in MS Excel.
You can also look for the results from a specific facilitator. Simply enter their name in the USER field, then select which module you want to check. Here we searched for user “Tiyiselani” > phase 1 > module 4 > pass result and can see they obtained 88% on the 26th of October 2021.
Module pass/fail report output for a specific user for a specific module.

What information can I see as part of the quiz question report?

The QUIZ QUESTION REPORT lets you view how your group performed on individual quiz questions. Select the group you want to get the report on, the course and the module that you are looking for and then ‘incorrect’ and it will make a list of all the questions that someone answered incorrectly. Quiz questions will be indicated with a Q in front of the question title.


Quiz question report selection options.


Once you run the report you will see the results below, with incorrect questions from module 4. The report lists the question, the choices they could choose from, the correct response and what the facilitator selected. Note: this report shows how users did with all the questions in the module—‘Let’s pause and think’ questions and exercises and the final quiz.


Quiz question report results.


If you are looking for how a specific facilitator did, you can enter their name in the user field indicated and click search to view all the questions they got incorrect.


Quiz question report for a specific user.

How can I see my users in my group registration information?

You can view the users in your group by scrolling down the main reporting page until you see the GROUP MEMBERS section that looks like the screenshot below.



To see the registration information, simply hover your mouse over the individual’s name and you will see the information they entered on the registration form.



If you don’t see all the names of your facilitators in your group information, click NEXT at the bottom of the screen.