Lets Talk


Let’s Build Skills courses

Open access e-learning training

Two free online courses provide core facilitation skills and sexual and reproductive health knowledge for community stakeholders working with adolescents and youth.

The Group Facilitation course consists of five e-learning modules designed to equip participants with skills to successfully conduct adolescent support groups. The Sexual and Reproductive Health course consists of four e-learning modules that provide essential knowledge about HIV, sexually transmitted infections, contraception, sexual negotiation skills, consent and other related topics.

Each module is narrated by a friendly Let’s Talk avatar trainer who guides participants through various interactive exercises designed to reinforce learning and recall. Learners must pass a quiz at the end of each module that tests their knowledge of key concepts. Each module usually requires an hour to complete and requires 30MB of internet data.

Group Facilitation

Module 1: Group Facilitation
Module 2: Working with Adolescents
Module 3: Let’s Talk about Sex
Module 4: Group Dynamics
Module 5: Facilitator Self-care

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Module 1: HIV and STI Prevention
Module 2: HIV and STI Testing and Treatment
Module 3: Reproduction and Pregnancy Prevention
Module 4: Healthy Relationships and Consent

Frequently asked questions

Who should enrol?

Those who plan to implement peer groups with adolescents and youth would benefit from the Group Facilitation course. The Sexual and Reproductive Health course is designed for a broader group of community members that work with young people, including peer group facilitators, care workers, social workers, health care personnel and others. This course is also appropriate for members of the general public who wish to improve their knowledge of sexual and reproductive health matters.

Is it really free?

Yes! For a limited time, anyone who registers can partake in the courses. The only potential cost to learners is the internet data necessary to access the course, an average of 120 MB per course.

How long will it take?

Each module averages about one hour to complete. One module a day is recommended to allow sufficient time to absorb the material and promote learning.

Should I also do this if I have completed the e-learning for Let’s Talk implementer?

No, these courses include material already covered in the Let’s Talk implementer training.

Will it qualify me to deliver Let’s Talk?

No, those who complete either or both courses are not certified as Let’s Talk implementers. Let’s Talk implementer training includes more modules and practice with the curricula. Unlike these self-directed courses, implementer training generally occurs in a group format and is offered by implementing partners. More about the Let’s Talk facilitator training can be found HERE.

Can I only do one of the courses or do I need to do both?

You can do either or both courses.

Will I get a certificate?

To qualify for the certificate of completion, learners should complete all of the modules within the course. Learners must also pass the quiz at the end of each module with a minimum score of 70%. Learners will be emailed a certificate automatically upon successful completion. Therefore, having an accessible email account is necessary to register and receive the certificate. Also, please enter your name on the registration form as you would like it to appear on your certificate.